Energy Lesson Plans: scroll through the unit, click on linked lessons


Lesson 1:  Energy & Work

Engagement:  Think/Pair/Share: Define work & energy in your own words.

Activity 1:  Examples: Does it have energy? Can it do work?

            Activity 2:  Energy & Work notes

Activity 3:  Chapter 10 Practice Problems (p. 227): 1-5

            Homework: Work & Energy worksheet

Lesson 2:  Gravitational Potential Energy

Engagement:  A student reads the objective.

Activity 1:  Which has more energy a penny falling from the roof building or a quarter falling out of your pocket?

            Activity 2:  Notes: Gravitational Potential Energy

Activity 3:  Chapter 11 Practice Problems (p. 254-255): 5-8

            Homework: Gravitational Potential Energy worksheet

Lesson 3:  Kinetic Energy

Engagement:  A student reads the objective

Activity 1:  Think Time: Does a rock flying through empty space have energy? Why or why not?

            Activity 2:  Notes: Kinetic Energy + Check for Understanding

            Activity 3:  Example: #3 on the worksheet

            Homework: Kinetic Energy worksheet

Lesson 4: Conservation of Energy

            Engagement: Drop a ball off a cliff← Conservation of Energy.ppt

Activity 1: Pendulum Activity ← Students use pendulums to answer questions

Activity 2: Notes: Conservation of Energy ← Conservation of Energy.ppt

            Activity 3: Begin the homework early   

            Homework: Conservation of Energy worksheet

Lesson 5:  Quiz

Engagement:  Today is the quiz day

Activity 1:  Last minute review.

            Activity 2:  Energy Notebook Quiz

            Activity 3:  Reading from the next unit

            Homework: Questions from the reading


 * Id like to add something on simple machines & torque