Recommended Java Applets & Flash Animations

PHET: Physics Education Technology collection from the University of Colorado at Boulder. The best collection of interactive physics simulations on the web.

Walter Fendt: A large collection of excellent physics applets from Walter Fendt. I particularly like the Elastic & Inelastic Collisions simulator.

University of Toronto: An large collection of flash animations by David Harrison.

Kettering University: A really accurate collection of acoustic and wave related animations by Dan Russell.

University of Hawaii: An interesting collection of mostly optics related physics applets by Sergey Kiselev & Tanya Yanovsky-Kiselev.

Caltech: Some good E&M simulators including an electric field simulator and a magnetic field simulator.

Big Bang 3D: Three dimensional simulation of the big bang from UCLA.

Interactive Soundry: Simulation of the doppler effect with a jet making sonic booms from ThinkQuest.

Lift Theory: NASA applets that show why planes can fly and refutes common misconceptions.

BCPSS Grade Calcultor: Try entering different quarter and exam grades to determine your average for the year.


You may need the latest version of java to run some of these applets.