Unit Conversion PowerPoint

Changing Units.ppt

This powerpoint presentation is used to teach the principles of unit conversion. Math facts are applied to teach the idea behind unit conversion. The process is spelled out and illustrated with an example.


Graphing PowerPoint


This powerpoint demonstrates how to graph scientific data using an example experiment involving goldfish.. It also steps students through the process of creating a graph with Microsoft Excel.

The sample data used in this presentation is found in the goldfish growth.xls file.

Scientific Notation PowerPoint

Scientific Notation.ppt

Trying to find the gravitational attraction of the sun and the earth is used as motivation for studying scientific notation. Colorfol notes are given, illustrated, and explained. Scientific notation is used to solve the initial problem, and students are given opportunity to try some problems at the end.

Significant Digits PowerPoint

Significant Digits.ppt

This powerpoint uses the example of measuring a pencil to illustrate doubtful digits and the need for significant digits. Then the rules of counting significant digits are presented and illustrated. The presentation concludes with rules and examples for doing math with significant digits.

Trendlines in Excel PowerPoint


This powerpoint uses the data first presented in Graphing.ppt to illustrate curve fitting with Microsoft Excel. Students then use Microsoft Excel to find best fit curves for sample data.

The sample data used in this presentation is found in the trendlines.xls file.