Density Lab Instructions

density lab instructions.doc

Students select a random object out of a bucket and measure its density. Mass is measured with a balance, while water displacement is used to determine volume. The instructions are projected on an overhead and the students turn in a sheet of notebook paper with their labwork.

Materials: random objects, balances, graduated cylinders, beakers, dishtubs, water

Egg Drop PowerPoint

Egg Drop.ppt

Students build protective packages for eggs in order to apply their knowledge of pressure. This presentation shows pictures of student projects and a sample write up.

Materials: eggs, ziplock bags, sizing box, balance

Egg Drop Instructions/Rubric

egg drop.doc

Students are given this handout at the start of the egg drop packaging project. The first page is a memo to the all engineers in the physics class. It details specifications for grade A eggs. The second page is the grading rubric for the project. Students are responsible for providing all their own materials. I buy eggs and ziplock bags (necessary to contain the inevitable).