Displacement Lab PowerPoint

Displacement Through the Wall.ppt

Students build cable cars to apply their knowledge of DC circuits. The tracks are simple bare copper wires attached to either side of the classroom, powered by a cheap DC power supply (I've also used old computer power supplies). Examples of student cable cars are shown in the powerpoint.

Materials: 2 chairs, metersticks

Paper Roller Coaster Lab PowerPoint

Roller Coaster Lab.doc

Students build paper roller coasters with at least a turn and a hill. The top five roller coasters are then used for a lab where students measure the distance and displacement of a marble.

Materials: book covers, tape, string, marbles (or ball bearings)

Paper Roller Coaster Lab Directions

marble roller coaster lab.doc

This document contains detailed instructions for the Roller Coaster Lab. The first page includes data collection and unit conversions. The second page includes calculations and conclusions. The last question is an application question.