Waves Lesson Plans: scroll through the unit, click on linked lessons


Lesson 1:  Exploratory introduction to waves

Activity 1:  lab stations with ropes/strings, slinkies, water in turkey baking pans, a radio, and a speaker

            Activity 2:  Notes: types of waves & amplitude

            Activity 3:  Classification of the types of waves seen in the lab


Lesson 2:  Wave properties

            Activity 1:  speed

            Activity 2:  frequency

            Activity 3:  wavelength

            Homework:  wave properties worksheet

Lesson 3:  Sound waves

            Activity 1: discover: build telephones with string and cups

            Activity 2:  pitch = frequency: play with tuning forks

            Activity 3: 

            Homework:  sound wave problems

Lesson 4:  Homemade Speakers

            Activity 1:  think time: what do you need to make a speaker

            Activity 2:  build speakers out of 16 oz cups, lids, straws, wire, and magnets

            Activity 3:  test speakers with an audio receiver

            Homework:  Explanation and diagram of how speakers work.

Lesson 5:  Doppler Effect

            Activity 1:  Quiz  

Activity 2: 

Question: would your speaker sound differently if it was moving?       

Discover the Answer:  draw wave diagrams for a moving sound source.

            Activity 3:  java applet of a moving car and a movie of an actual moving car

            Homework:  Doppler problem

Lesson 6: Doppler Shift 2 (Sonic Booms)

Activity 1:  java applet: sonic booms

Activity 2:  think, pair, share: sonic boomsàone time event or continuous?

            Activity 3:  movie of a plane breaking the sound barrier

            Homework:  Doppler problem

Lesson 8:  The Electromagnetic Spectrum

            Activity 1:  List as many kinds of waves as you can

            Activity 2:  Notes: all light waves move at the same speed, ROYGBIV …

            Activity 3:  spectroscopes look at light or build a spectrum on the wall

            Homework:  are cell phones dangerous

Lesson 9:  Assessment

            Activity 1: Last minute questions

            Activity 2: Test

Activity 3: Current science reading

Homework: reaction to a current science reading