Big Bang PowerPoint

Big Bang.ppt

This powerpoint presentation applies the dopler effect to light. Red and blue shifts are considered. Evidence supporting the Big Bang theory is presented.


Doppler Effect PowerPoint

Doppler Effect.ppt

This powerpoint presentation uses the analogy of dropping rocks in a bathtub to explain the doppler effect. Animated gifs and ripple diagrams are employed to illustrate and extend the concept to sound.


Sonic Booms PowerPoint

Sonic Booms.ppt

This powerpoint presentation links to java applets on the web to illustrate sonic booms. Students are prompted to discuss whether sonic booms are continuous or single occurences. A video of a jet's shock wave creating a cloud concludes the presentation.

Visible Light PowerPoint

Visible Light.ppt

This powerpoint presentation is about light and color. Students are shown the three primary light colors and they are mixed to form the secondary light colors. This powerpoint was created to simulate the classic demonstration where three projectors are set up with red, blue, and green filters so as to overlap and create white light.