Purpose: This site is designed to provide resources for teachers and students first learning about robotics. The materials available on this site are being continually updated. Please email me suggestions and corrections. If you also have robotics related teaching materials, please share.

Robotics Platforms: There are materials on this site for use with BoeBots from Parallax and Vex from Innovation First. The lessons were originally intended to prepare students for the FIRST robotics competition and beyond.

Organization: This website is split up by units. Each unit is organized by assessments, assignments, powerpoint presentations, and unit plans.

About the Author: My name is Joshua Gabrielse. I teach Physics at Dulaney High School in Baltimore County. I taught Principles of Technology at Southwestern High School where I started what was then the only FIRST robotics team (1420) in Baltimore City. After one year I was transferred to Dunbar High School as Southwestern was gradually closed down. My first year at Dunbar I started a robotics class and developed a robotics curriculum to better prepare my students for FIRST. The following year I started the Lab Rats (FIRST Robotics Team 1748). Since then the Lab Rats have gone on to win a judges award and a finalist trophy at the FIRST Chesapeake Regional Competition in 2007 and win recognition from the Baltimore City Public School System as "The best robotics team in baltimore city." In the spring of 2009 I was awarded the Teacher of the Year award at the Vex World Championship. In the fall of 2009 I started teaching at Dulaney High School. I am currently active on the planning committee for the Vex Mid-Atlantic Championship.

I graduated from Calvin College with a Bachelor of Science degree in physics and a minor in mathematics. Since then I have received a Masters of Arts in teaching from Johns Hopkins. This is my seventh year teaching.